Family of Hein Daanen

Hein Daanen is married to Elly Rentes and has 2 children.

As a hobby Hein started to make an inventory of the family members, helped by several others. Now a database is constructed of over 2000 family members.
The Daanen family comes from Beuningen in the province of Gelderland.
The mother of Hein is Joke Savelkouls. Thanks to Frans Savelkouls in Oisterwijk, almost 1000 family members of the Savelkouls family are to my disposal. The roots are in Limburg, in the South of The Netherlands.
The father of Elly, Henk Rentes, took care for the data of the Rentes family, originating from Friesland in Northern Netherlands.
The family of the mother of Elly, Bep Maat is also available in detail, thanks to Betty Maat. The Maat family and the family Van der Plas (grandma of Elly) originate from Katwijk a/d Zee, a fishermans town at the West coast.

Additional data on the Daanen family are greatly appreciated. Please contact Hein Daanen for any additional information.